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About Cable Tel Industries

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CABLE-TEL INDUSTRIES is the premier manufacturer of Quality Cables for TVRO / CATV / SMATV Industries throughout the world since 1994. Being the large manufacturer of High Quality Coaxial Cable, CABLE-TEL has become the Industry Standards.

As a company with a rich experience of over 10 years, CABLE-TEL belives strongly in delivering a product which is not only technologically a sound but also realises the importance of such product in the lives of millions of Cable television end users.

Quality is always of Prime Importance in manufacturing process, further more our cables are fully tested. Our Cable's durability and dependability are achieved through precise control of total product from R&D > manufacturing strict > QA / AQL. Thus we are able to guarantee the Quality of the Cables in every aspect.

CABLE-TEL also tailors cables strictly according to customer specification. All CABLE-TEL TVRO / CATV cables are able to comply with US / European and international quality and safety standards. Due to our advaced production facility we are able to make Quality cables at a reasonable Price.

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